A chronology

1600 Valentines consists of two tenements under common ownership
1652 Valentines separately owned
1696 Valentines acquired by Elizabeth Tillotson. Valentines House probably built - a three storey Jacobean building of red brick
1702 Valentines passes to George Finch
1714 Valentines passes to William Finch
1724 Valentines purchased by Robert Surman. Mansion and gardens improved
1754 Valentines sold to Sir Charles Raymond - work carried out on mansion and grounds
1788 Donald Cameron buys Valentines
1797 Valentines bought at auction by Robert Wilks
1808 Valentines Estate sold to Charles Welstead who makes major changes to the bulding
1838 Charles T Holcombe buys Valentines
1870 Valentines passes to Sarah Ingleby on Charles Holcombe's death
1871 Two story extension to mansion
1873 Extensive renovation and improvements made to gardens and grounds
1898/99 Ilford District Council buys land for Central Park - opens to public on 16th September 1899
1900 Bandstand built
1906 Sarah Ingleby dies - her son donates grounds adjoining Valentines mansion to Ilford Council in memory of his mother. Council buys land close to American Garden to link donated grounds and existing park
1912 Council buys mansion and additional land south of the house
1924 Middlefield Farm bought by Council (Middlefield was the other original tenement that formed the original holding in the early 1600s. At the time is was owned by the London County Council)
2000 Exterior of mansion refurbished by local authority

By 1924 Valentines Park was more or less as it is today - changes have been made to the park's infrastructure, plantings and buildings and, of course, both the park and mansion have been restored - but the area occupied by the park is still the same.